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ISO 9001:2008

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Basic Package

  • Your own bank name
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Legalization of partnership agreement
  • Apostile
  • Offshore Banking License
  • Basic capital €100.000.000
  • Business address fee for year

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Standard Package

  • Your own bank name
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Legalization of partnership agreement
  • Apostile
  • Offshore Banking License
  • Basic capital €100.000.000
  • Business address fee for year
  • Banking & Investment software

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Banking software

  • Online accounts module
  • Savings accounts module
  • Investment accounts module
  • Credit and loans module
  • Exchange office module
  • Clients verification
  • Complete responsive

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Please note: The price does not include law service & and travel cost contract documentation - one time fee - €1990.00
Surcharge for the increase of the registered capital over 100M is a fee of 5000 EUR for every 50M
Contact us and we will create an individual customized offer, including current discounts.

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Provide online accounts in your BANK

Here you can find more information about modern online account.

Online Accounts

All modern banking tools in one account

Send and Recieve money online worldwide
Easy accepting payments from your online sale
The fastest sending money worldwide
Send money to email address
Multicurrency account service
Savings account with the highest interest rate
Protect your money anywhere with own Bank


OnlineSavings account

Get 4% interest rate in your savings account

Savings account for every registered user
Minimum deposit for two years
Offer 4% interest rate annual to your customer


Multycurrency services

We offers a variety of funding options

Normal wire transfer
Visa and Mastercard
Send money to email
Send money via post
Cash deposits


Worldwide Payments

Pay easy online around the world

Worldwide fast payments
Comfortable payments directly from your account
YOUR OWN BANK with modern payment solution


Sale your bonds

All modern banking tools in one account

Sale debenture online worldwide
and get high valorisation of your clients investment
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Prepaid card ready solution

Use our prepaid cards

Open multycurrency online account
in ROYAL EBANK with prepaid card solution
and unlimited multycurrency deposits.
Protect and evaluate your money with your ownBANK.


MultyCurrency trading

We offer a trading of currency and cryptocurrency

US Dollar
Diamond Bond
and many others...


Worldwide Money Investment

Safe invest money online via your BANK

Worldwide quality investment opportunities
Comfortable and safe online savings and invest
ROYAL EBANK offer modern investment solution


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